Dilek Öztürk, born in 1983, Istanbul.

MFA Degree in Visual Communication Design

Currently living and working in Istanbul, Turkey.

I believe that photography creates common feelings between people and I also strongly believe that photography is a conscious choice for self-questioning. This is how I feel about perceiving this world around me.


I am working with human body and urban spaces. In most of my projects, my intention is to manipulate the image to rise a new awareness for the subject. By this approach, I love to expose "the beauty of unordinary" in my conceptual works.


I created a serie of self portraits combined with my own x-rays during my MFA Degree project. The project starts with the idea of searching a new aesthetic to reveal human body. Eventually the layers of the body overlapped perfectly and revealed what is there upon the skin and underneath the skin. Now, the next step is going to form in the extensions of the skin and the space.

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